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About flowkey

Millions of people dream of playing a musical instrument. flowkey is a revolutionary app that can make this dream come true for everyone. With flowkey, we have developed cutting-edge note recognition technology, which listens as you play and gives you real-time feedback on your playing. This lets players know instantly if they’re hitting the right notes and helps them learn songs at their own pace. 

flowkey was founded in Berlin by three friends, Jonas Gössling, Alexander Heesing, and Ahmed Hassan, who shared the same goal: to make learning music easy and fun for everyone. Together with a talented team, we launched flowkey in 2015. It quickly became one of the most successful music education apps, with more than five million registered users and counting.

flowkey is a cross-platform app, available on web and mobile. It features a regularly updated song library with thousands of pieces, arranged by professional pianists and adapted for all skill levels from beginner to pro. Step-by-step courses on music theory, reading sheet music, improvisation, and more are also available to help users reach their learning goals.

In September 2022, flowkey was one of three German apps selected to present to Apple CEO Tim Cook in Berlin.

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